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Choupette Story

Chers amis,

I grew up in Paris, France. As a young man, I’d spend my summers working with my father’s transportation company. He taught me the ropes of a family business, and in particular how to interact with customers. The respect he held in the community as an honest and caring businessman left a deep impression on me and has molded me into the entrepreneur that I am today.

During this time, my mother was busy at home catering to her growing family. My favorite time of day was right after school when I would eat her homemade crêpes, made fresh with eggs and milk just bought from the market. She was a master of the art: without ever measuring the ingredients, she had a natural sense of exactly how much of each ingredient to use – a pinch of this and a fistful of that.

Working in Paris, I sought out the quality of my mom’s crêpes. I found them in a small kiosk. I loved it for its simplicity and dedication to providing the highest quality crêpes to its customers. I became a regular customer, visiting four times a week after work. It was there where I met my then-wife. I moved to America to join her in 2005. With a degree in sales and marketing, I entered the banking industry. After several years, I realized that that lifestyle wasn’t for me: I wasn’t passionate about my work.

It is since the summers spent helping my dad that I wanted to own a business like him. I thought about my mother and how I loved seeing her cook crêpes: thus Crêpes Choupette was born.

I love what I do, creating an instant smile after serving each crêpe. My ambition is to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for crêpes all over America. À bientôt!

-Adil Chokairy